Cheap online divorce is also available in Westlake, Jefferson, Happy Valley, Hobart, Atwater, Highland Park, Winter Gardens, Vineyard, Florence, Eastmont as well as Los Angeles.

How to Get a Cheap Online Divorce in Los Angeles California

Is it possible to acquire a cheap online divorce in Los Angeles California? Yes! It is absolutely 100% possible IF YOUR CASE IS AN UNCONTESTED DIVORCE.

Uncontested simply means that you and your spouse/partner won’t be fighting any issue in your case. You don’t have to like each other, but you are not going to fight over any issue.

We have been helping California divorce consumers in Los Angeles get cheap uncontested divorce since June 1, 1981. We’ve been doing cheap online divorces for residents of Los Angeles since March, 1999.

For the initial 20 years, we had offices in Riverside and Sacramento. Before 1999, when we moved online, our fee to handle an uncontested California divorce by snail mail in Los Angeles was $250.  That was cheap divorce in Los Angeles in those times!

Now, we are online only. Same people, just online, and we have a flat fee of $129 with no ups or extras.  $129 has become cheap online divorce in Los Angeles California.

Here is what our flat $129 fee covers:

  1. Preparation of your state and local Los Angeles County divorce papers willing to be signed and filed at the local Superior Court;
  2. Detailed written customized directions suggesting just how to file your case at the local Superior Court. It’s easy!! Don’t pay anyone to file your case at court;
  3. Your custom Marital Settlement Agreement, the most crucial doc in your case;
  4. Your Request to Waive Court Costs, if needed;
  5. Unlimited client support from our 2 senior caseworkers, Monday-Friday 7 AM – 7 PM.

So what would be the requirements to obtain a cheap divorce online in Los Angeles California?

There’s only one requirement!  And we’ve already told you what it is.  Your case is required to be uncontested. Meaning that your spouse/partner won’t file a Response at court to contest the case. That’s it. There’s nothing else. You can find no other requirements to get a cheap divorce online in Los Angeles California.

Your spouse/partner doesn’t need to be cooperative. S/he doesn’t have to communicate with you. Heck, s/he doesn’t even need to smile.  You don’t even need to be in the same room as your spouse/partner. Provided that s/he doesn’t contest the case.

Now, let’s keep it real.  If your spouse/partner is cooperative, communicates with you and is smiling, then that renders your case much simpler and you are much more prone to get everything you request from the court – as the judge will find in the Marital Settlement Agreement that you and your spouse/partner are in agreement.

But the point remains that you can get an inexpensive divorce online in Los Angeles California for $129 if your partner does not contest the case.

What goes on if your partner doesn’t fight the case but isn’t cooperative?  We proceed with no protection of the Marital Settlement Agreement, and the judge looks much more closely at your requests before signing your divorce judgment.

Are you going to still get your divorce judgment?  Yes, but it might not contain every request that you made. The judge has the power to produce changes to your requests and is more likely to accomplish this when s/he sees that there’s no Marital Settlement Agreement.

What that’ll mean in your specific case is dependent upon what you have requested, the overall facts of one’s case and the specific judge assigned to your case.

So, if your spouse/partner is really a jerk, but doesn’t contest the case, may very well not get everything you need, but you’ll certainly still get a cheap online divorce in Los Angeles California.

Keep in mind as well that our $129 fee is a [complete|total} fee.  It is not a monthly fee like that of almost all other online divorce companies.fee is a total fee.  It is not a monthly fee like that of almost all other online divorce companies.